"Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."


I want someone to sleep with at night….
but, I really want someone that wants to sleep with me at night…

I don't know you well but i can't leave you in this condition but i don't know how to help

i dont know.. i just want someone with me.. do i know you?

i need help 
i need someone else
i cant keep doing this
he said he wasnt going to come… and i need him and i sort of screamed and i was worried someone outside heard so i hid in the bathroom crying because i was scared and worried and i need him…. but i dont need him.. i know i dont…but i cant help it…
i just need help or someone that can really be there for me… but i dont have anyone…its horrible sometimes being with him, he always yells and complains and gets mad at me, and threatens me with things he knows will completely screw me up
i just need to get out of this situation but all i ever think is that i need him and i cant let him go
and now i cant stop shaking and crying… why did i let this happen


You think you have all this time with a person and then it just runs out

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